Boys Programs

2024 Spring Program Offerings

Kindergarten/1st Grade Clinic

The Ridgewood Lacrosse Association is excited to continue our highly successful program for current Kindergarten and First Grade Girls and Boys during the Spring 2024 season. This clinic is intended to introduce kids to the game of lacrosse in a fun and safe environment. Each participant will receive a Ridgewood Lacrosse t-shirt. This non-contact clinic will meet (1) day per week and will start in approximately early April and run thru late May or early June.  All sessions will be held on Saturday mornings.  Loaner sticks will be available based on need and availability.

Second & Third Grade House Program

In order to transition the boys from the K-1 Clinic format to live “game play” action we have developed the combined 2nd & 3rd Grade House Program. All 2nd and 3rd grade boys may participate in our House Program. We expect a substantial number of boys in this combined new program, which will provide a great introduction to the game environment.

2nd and 3rd grade players will be combined and placed onto teams, roughly equal in the number of players and hopefully balanced by skill level.  There will be one or two practices (typically weeknights) and one game (typically Saturday or Sunday morning) per week. House Program games will be played utilizing the USA Lacrosse recommended 7v7 format on a shortened field. This smaller format maximizes each player’s exposure to the game. This program will start in late March (weather and field dependent) and will conclude by late May or early June.

The 2nd and 3rd Grade House Program is designed to meet the needs of the developing lacrosse player (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of lacrosse including, stick skills, footwork, shooting, ground balls, ball movement, offensive and defensive positioning and game play. Full equipment is required for this program.

Third Grade Travel Option

In addition to participating in our 2nd & 3rd House Program – we will offer (purely optional) limited 3rd Grade travel.  We will schedule approximately 5 or 6 travel games for each interested boy.  Assuming interest level is high enough across the grade to warrant this additional program we will schedule games accordingly.  Players will be required to purchase a separate “travel pinnie”. Only open to 3rd Graders already participating in the House Program.  No evaluation required.

Fourth thru Eighth Travel Program Overview

Travel play is offered to boys in grades 4 through 8. In addition to the fundamentals of lacrosse, increased emphasis will be placed on specific positional play (attack, midfield, defense, and goalie), team offense, team defense, and riding & clearing. Each travel team player will participate in approximately 8-12 regular season games and, at the discretion of the Boys Program Director, may participate in one or more tournaments. Travel team play will begin in early to mid-March and conclude in late May or early June.

Attendance at travel team practices and games is expected. In fairness to other players, those who fail to attend practices and games may forfeit playing time or their position on the team. Any absences should be communicated to the appropriate coaching staff as far in advance as possible. Purchase of Travel Team uniform is required at additional cost.

Grade specific information is as follows:

Fourth and Fifth Travel Programs – Placement within our 4th and 5thgrade travel program will be determined by evaluations.  Practices will be held two or three times a week (dependent on field availability) and games will be played on weekends and selected weeknights. Based on the results of the evaluations a 4th or 5th grade player will either be assigned to one of the grade specific teams or potentially to a combined grade team depending on the level of overall participation.  We ask that all players participate in the pre-season/early season evaluation process.

Sixth thru Eighth Travel Programs – Placement in our 6th thru 8th grade travel program will be determined by evaluations. Team selection here will be ability-based.  Based on the results of the evaluations a 6th thru 8th grade player will be assigned to either the “A” or “B” team or potentially to a combined grade team (whichever is applicable) depending on the level of overall participation in each grade. At the discretion of the grade level coaches, players may move from one roster to another throughout the season.  This may be done for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: team need; player performance; overall level of player proficiency.

Travel Commitment

We ask that players and families understand that participation in our travel program is a commitment.  All players that participate in the evaluation process will be play as a part of the "travel" program. Attendance at practice and games is expected.  Practices will be held two or three times a week (dependent on field availability) and games will be played on weekends and selected weeknights. We ask that all players participate in pre-season/early season evaluation process.

General Items and Inquiries

The RLA is committed to offering a meaningful lacrosse experience for every youth player in town.

For more information on the New Jersey Junior Lacrosse League, please visit their website at

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please reach out to:

Bob Lynch
RLA Boys Program Director